Two Different Types Of Solar Power Systems

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Man has been able to come up with different ways to generate electricity. The most common way of electricity generation is by the use of steam turbines which processes fossil fuel and bio mass. It is becoming harder and harder to meet the rising demand of electricity generation from the single source of electricity generation. This is why different ways of electricity generation has been introduced. These ways differ on the basis of the source that is used to produce electricity. These sources might vary from the wind energy to the solar energy. Solar energy is the kind of energy that is produced by the use of heat that comes from the sun rays. The system that runs on the principal of solar energy is known as solar power system in gold coast. There are professional people who install these solar panels on your places and are known as solar installers. In this article; we will be discussing about the two different types of solar power systems.

Two different types of solar power systems:

As the name implies; solar power systems are the type of systems that runs on the principal of solar energy in which sun rays are converted into the form of energy to produce electricity. There are two different ways of generating electricity by the use of solar energy. One way is known as direct method of converting sun light into the solar energy and is known as photovoltaic method. This method involves the conversion of light into electricity by the use of semiconducting materials that portrays the photovoltaic powers. The second type of solar power system that is used to generate electricity is known as concentrated solar power system. It is the indirect way of converting light into electricity and involves the generation of solar power by converting sun rays into a larger portion of receiver with the use of lenses and mirrors.

Solar installers:

Solar installers are the professional group of people who are expert in installing different types of solar systems. They assemble and set up the solar power systems on your rooftops. So; if you want a solar panel system to be installed on the rooftop of your residential place or you want the solar panel system of your commercial area to be fixed, you only need to call a solar installer to get the things done.


Solar power system works by the use of sunrays and converting it into the form of electricity. There are two different methods of utilising the sun light and generating solar energy. One method is a direct method which is known as photovoltaic system, and the second method is indirect method that is known as concentrated solar system method. It is the solar system installers who are expert in installing/fixing the solar panels on the rooftops of your commercial as well as residential areas. “Central solar systems” provide the best services of expert solar installers. For more information on how to contact them, please click here.