Getting To Know Popular Types Of Casements

When building a house or renovating a space, having good ventilation and light are important aspects. In doing so casements are very important and today there are many different types available for customers to choose from. Some are costly and some are relatively low cost. So getting to know some of the different types available is a good idea.

Radius: This type gives a home a real architectural feel and helps to counter all straight lines or shapes in a home. The main characteristic of this category is that the top half of the window is in the shape of a half circle or an arch while the bottom stays square or rectangular. In most cases the arched section cannot be opened, though it can be customised to open as well.

Double- hung or Single hung: this category of casements differ mainly by how they are opened for ventilation or light. In the single options there is only one panel that moves while the other stays intact. In the double option, both panels can be moved.

Timber awning windows: these casements are hung from the top so that they open outwards like an umbrella or a flap. They are mostly very suitable for places with a lot of rain as you can still keep the window opened without getting the rain water in. Click here for more info on timber awning windows Melbourne,

Bay: these constructions are unique as well and can be easily identified by the outer wall or part of construction that juts out. This gives a small space or a window seat inside the home which is great for using as a shelf or even as a cozy place to sit and read.

Louvre: this type is unique like the bi folding doors Melbourne. The come in small sections and are sometimes constructed of glass or even wood. They open like curtains or blinds so that each piece moves or slants so that it can accommodate the next piece thereby closing or opening the window.

Hoppers: just like the awning window that opens out this type also operated on a hinge so that they can open inwards. The difference is that the hopper is that it opens inwards and is smaller in size. Because of this they are widely used in basements or bathrooms. They also provide good insulation as they close up very neatly leaving no room for air or moisture to enter when closed.

Casement: this is the most common and widely used type of window. They either swing open to both sides or open upwards and can be made from glass. These windows give the best opportunity for a clear view.