So Many Uses For One Roofing System

container shelters

Workspace or temporary storage

A container shelter is a fast, low-cost, and versatile way to store equipment and commodities. A great way to create an emergency housing and preserve materials from the sun, wind, and rain. Just parallel two normal shipping containers and install the container cover between them. Building and construction businesses frequently use these container canopies as “site shelter” for sawing, welding, and storage.

In actuality, these container shelters for sale are frequently employed as a temporary solution. We have taken this into consideration in product development, and all of our shelters exceed the minimum EN13782 requirement. As a result, they are frequently used as a saw mill.

For long-term construction tasks

With our simple instructions, you can install our container roof totally on your own. There is no prior experience required. All you need are some common tools and an AWP or mobile structure. Our fastening brackets are provided as an alternative. This guarantees the quickest installation time and a solid anchoring of the shelter avoiding injuring the containers!

From container shelter to tent storage

The container shelters for sale can be purchased with a front and rear wall and a fabric door as an option. These one-of-a-kind walls are made of steel and incorporate diagonal wind bracing for added strength. To keep the shelter from ‘blowing away,’ the fabric wall incorporates an overpressure aperture with windbreak mesh. This opening has a cover sheet on the outside to protect it from rain and snow. We has devised a novel mechanism for loading up the fabric door, which allows the door to be rolled up with one person regardless of its size. These extra front and/or back walls make it simple to convert the container canopy into a storage shelter and maximise space.

Roofing Packages for Shipping Containers Have You Covered

By installing a shipping container lid, you can transform your current shipping containers into an usable and safe storage or working environment. Our unique steel container cover kits provide an affordable solution for a range of purposes by placing a cover between two shipping containers, often known as Wholly or in part boxes or ISO containers.

Are container cover roofing costly?

The simple answer is no. More precisely, because of the saved money on construction and maintenance costs, as well as the use of our team of professionals to design your structure, a shipping container roof cover is one of the most cost-effective building options on the market.

Our ideas and prices span from just providing prefabricated steel plate panels and connecting plates to developing and implementing large-scale warehouse solutions.

Shipping container roof cover systems have been developed to be as simple to install as they are to use. Kits are constructed from pre-cut metal panels that employ only one type of screw and bolt.